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A small pump with this kind of output, accuracy and control has not been available so inexpensively as to be disposable.

It is this patented pump technology that is the key to the system which enjoys the following key attributes:


•  World-wide patent protection


•  Inexpensive and small (just over 1 inch).


•  Powerful enough to dispense a wide range of viscosities.


•  Reliable and precise pumping that controls exactly how much is dispensed and when.


•  Seals itself after each use enhancing product shelf life.


•  Eliminates the need for any internal pump hardware or hook up hoses within the “dispensing system” which reduces overall costs and eliminates the need for regular cleaning and costly maintenance issues.


•  Where reconstitution is required “mid air” design eliminates any cross contamination as well as any significant cleanup.


•  Works well when using multiple products as changing between them is as simple as changing a CD.


• Creates a “greener” package (reduced packaging, waste and energy consumption / “footprint” from production through distribution and consumption.)


•  Electromagnet “engine” (the solenoid) is also small and inexpensive which facilitates virtually unlimited “delivery system” options and designs.


•  Configurable for proprietary dispensing.


•  IntellipakTM allows the package to electronically store and exchange specific information (e.g. instructions, contents, registration, tamper proof, tracking info, prescriptions etc.).

Liquid Pump Technonolgy


“Liquid Ingenuity”, a unique patented technology, is the latest advance in liquid packaging and dispensing solutions.


It has the potential to add substantial value and significant innovation to the packaging and dispensing of liquid products.


This unique solution consists of 2 key components; a small, disposable liquid pump (DLP) and a solenoid. The DLP can be manufactured as part of the package or applied via an adaptor.




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